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About me


I am choreographer, coach and dancer in the international latinamerican competition style. 
My work is deeply into the emotional and personal approach of every dance couple.


My success lies in the depth of each dancer. Try me and you will feel it!

I am Specialist in:

- Adviser-Coach-Teacher for Competition Dancing
- Choreographer for all kind of partner dance styles
- "Elite Show - Dancecouples" Agency - Promotions


Choreography Experience in:


  • shows

  • galas,

  • Latin American Dancing,

  • contemporary dance styles,

  • projects

  • events

  • fashion show,

  • and more...


In Latinamerican Dancing my specialties are:


the emotional aspect of :


- Partnering:  technical skills, leading - feeling- approaching 


- Choreography: build to excite, designed to surprise,  styled for the needs of the couples 


what you see:


A special and extraordinary choreography which will be 



what you feel:



A sensational feeling towards your partner, just





I am available for:
- Choreographies in latinamerican international style

  ( Samba, ChaCha, Rumba, Paso double, Jive)
- Choreographies in latin-modern-jazz style

  ( TV Show, Singers, Entertainers,  Professional Dancers, etc.)
- Choreographies for schools

  ( Courses: latin, latin jazz, latin modern )
- Choreographies for stages ( workshops, stages etc. )
- Fashion shows
- Events ( Fairs and others )
- Professional Dancers and Amateur Dancers
- Dance Companies and Schools
- Coaching for companies

  ( - eg- industrial Companys )
- Personal coaching ( individual )
- National Teams ( Dancesports and others )
- Musical schools

  ( Dirty Dancing, Grease, Saturday Night Fever...)

- Ice Skating Couples

- Professional Dancers, Professional Dance Couples 

- Amateur Dancers and Dance Couples
- Dance Schools and Dance Companies

  ( Courses in various kinds )
- in Partnering-Work   ( Specialist )
- in Communication 
- in structuring
- in specializing

  ( developing the best skills/talents of each individual )
- for competitions (preparations etc.)
- Models (walking, etc.)
- in movements (coordination etc.)
For other information please contact me directly




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