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Our new
Group Training 

Our new group training will take place from September 2nd, 2022.

We will hold the training at the Euro-Dance-Center - Troisdorf.

A new methodology should become the basic building block, and we attach great importance to a few details that are very important to us.

The focus should be on having fun while exercising. 

We will train the body through the creativity of each participant,  , as well as the perception of feeling. A training that always says "YES" to you is our goal.

We are happy to receive all classes and make no distinction whether someone is further in development or not. A workout is a workout and is therefore always good for every body - every mind and soul. 

More information will follow, but if you have any questions beforehand, please don't be shy and just write or call. 

Until then, your trainers Lydia & Martin

performance classes

We have no age restrictions and no dance class restrictions


Euro Dance Center

Mendener Strasse 6

53840 Troisdorf


Warm-up clothing:

Also for exercises on the floor

(jazz pants stockings etc.)



Dance pants / dance skirts

basically any, but you shouldn't feel restricted in your movement.


Dance shoes - jazz sneakers - slippers 

Individually or as a couple

We will do exercises alone during the warm-up,

but then all the techniques - coordination exercises and much more are practiced in pairs. 

We are the most beautiful, creative form of movement that you can and may do together and we want to celebrate and promote that!!!


Lydia Dihlmann-Weisser 


Martin Dihlmann


From September 2nd, 2022 every Friday 

Time: 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m


We make it easy:

Whoever comes pays 15,-/person

Should "permanent guests" 

crystallize, then we definitely have an offer up our sleeve.

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