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6. Coordination

The interaction of the body parts

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You can learn a lot, a lot is also possible in complex interactions of individual body parts. But it is very important that this learning and procedure in your own training does not get stuck in your head alone.


My experience as a dancer and also as a trainer has shown that many people are led to dance over their heads and then unfortunately appear very mechanical in the execution later on. Unfortunately, the quality of having to think about movements and doing them again and again in a controlled posture has no inner sustainability. That means we have to keep actively reproducing what we've learned to make it look good. 


My approach lies in feeling the complexity. Our body instinctively manages to move many things at the same time without having to think about it. It's like writing a typewriter, driving a car and many other things.

When you start worrying, you stutter and hesitate. When driving, you get nervous and think you may have done something wrong; when you climb the stairs you think about the next step.


It's exactly the same with dancing, so we can't do it that way. Our heads are too slow for these sequences of complex  movements.


My goal is to become aware of our being and to trust in our body. We move something and feel the movements. If we do this more often, we get "access" to our body and can decide "inside" whether it felt good and we were satisfied with it or want to repeat it.

6. Coordination package


C Class: ( sample package )

0.5 hours, learn to understand feeling while dancing.

5 hours for all 3 dances, going through the body coordination in detail.

1 hour for the partnering approach, as a coordination sub-area.


B/A/S/Profi Class: ( sample package ) 


3 hours for coordinating movements in a dance.

2 hours for the partnering approach, as a coordination sub-area.


The following requirements should be met for this package:


1. I have a permanent dance partner with whom I will take these lessons.

2. I go to dance training at least 3-4 times a week for about 2 hours or longer.

3. I already have basic knowledge of the dances ChaCha, Rumba and Jive or have been training together on these dances for a year

4. I am over 15 years old. 


For special conditions, an appointment for discussion is agreed in advance.


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