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3. Musicality

Latin dancing needs music


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What would dancing be without music? A big evaluation criterion and our biggest motor is the music. We need to be able to understand and hear them to some degree. Rhythms are our inspiration, but also the melodies, which are always changing, can completely manipulate our performance if we let it.


So what does it mean when you hear: You must be more musical!? As is so often the case, there are many ways to reach your goal. 

Interpreting, hearing, feeling, counting, understanding the music... what is important? Even better: what do I need most for myself to make it work, with the music?


My main approach is the music itself, which excites us, makes us happy, powerful and much more. If you dissect these works of art, then we lose the true meaning of the music. It's like squeezing the juice from an orange, only the taste is gone all of a sudden.


All analyzes are interesting for understanding, but in my experience not always the better way for your own processing.

Nevertheless, there are different types of people who can sometimes work things out analytically more easily.


As always, before booking or purchasing a music package, it is necessary to meet, introduce yourself and discuss what is appropriate for each individual. 






3. The Music Package:

Topics that I can discuss with you depending on the level:


1.   The different rhythms

2.   The main beats in a bar

3.   The half and quarter beats in a bar

4.   The use of counting - or also the uselessness? 

5.   Being in front of - on or behind the shot

6.   Rhythm vs. Musicality

7.   The emotional aspect in music

8.   The leadership change through music

9.   The engine of our inspiration for training - how can I best use the music?

10. The coordinated processes of the movement in connection with the musical preparation.



C/B Class: ( sample package )

0.5 hours to understand the 5 dances in the basic rhythm.

3 hours for all 5 dances, counting the choreography in detail.

1.5 hours to differentiate the approach between melody and rhythm.


A class: ( sample package ) -Possible as additional

3 hours for coordinating the movement sequences in the dances to the individual beats.


S-/ professional classes:( sample package ) -Possible as additional

3 hours for the melodies, a new approach to your own choreography and the measures to be changed in the sense of the music.


The following requirements should be met for this package:


1. I have a permanent dance partner with whom I will take these lessons.

2. I go to dance training at least 2-3 times a week for about 1.5 hours or longer.

3. I already have basic knowledge of the dances ChaCha, Rumba and Jive or have been training together on these dances for a year

4. I am over 15 years old. 


In the event of exceptions to these requirements, an appointment for a meeting will be arranged in advance.

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