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5. Emotions in dancing

The taste of movement

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A dance without emotion is like a flower without smell.

A dance without emotion is like a meal without taste

A dance without emotions is like champagne without sparkles


If you don't have any emotions in the dance - then it's not complete!!!! The essence of why you/we want to do it in the first place is missing.

The fun. The passion. The feeling for you, the feeling for your partner, the feeling and the enthusiasm to hear and process the music. The bliss of being able to call yourself a dancer.


I think you can see how much emphasis I put on the emotions to make a dance complete and rich enough to touch people, deep inside, in the heart. So you experience a moment that never goes away, like the moment of your first love relationship. These are incomparable moments. If someone witnesses this, they will experience undreamt-of waves of emotions and can empathize with you. This experience is the true performance and makes people cry, smile, smile, get goosebumps, dream and much more.


Therefore: Don't give away your most important potential  - you!

5. The Emotion Package:

My current assessment:



C/B Class: ( sample package )

unsuitable - you need a certain maturity for the first emotional dance moments.


A/SClass: ( sample package ) 


In order to be able to make a statement that is fair and based on experience, this means that we have to get to know each other and trust each other. Then I start to look for your innermost treasures in you and with you. This can take a while! I had a couple, we had our first successes in this area after 10 years of working together. I had a young dancer in Spain. Instantly! It was no problem at all for this young man to open up. That's the truth!



The following requirements should be met for this package:


1. I have a permanent dance partner with whom I will take these lessons.

2. I go to dance training at least 4-5 times a week for about 2.5 hours or more.

3. I am willing to open up and try to find my own self in order to be able to use it in dancing in an enriching way.

4. I am over 15 years old. .


In the event of exceptions to these requirements, an appointment for a meeting will be arranged in advance

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