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Latin dancing exists

from several techniques



The various techniques are initially very extensive and are therefore learned separately.

The amount of footwork and footwork is very high when learning that technique. It is easy to forget that the body is a unit and that the extremities harmonize perfectly with each other if you also coordinate the torso. Then there are the emotional components, the psyche and much more, all of which have an influence on performance or our training.


So there are some components that are easy to tell apart and look at separately. Nevertheless, in the end you have to bring everything together so that successful and good dancing is possible.


International Latin dancing has developed very strongly physically, so it makes sense to deal with the given facts.

Here I show some important components and techniques at a glance:


1.   The footwork

2.   The footwork

3.   The pelvic movements

4.   The upper body movements

5.   The arm movements

6.   The lineup  - The so-called straight stand.

7.   The body coordination

8.   The Leadership Techniques-Partnering

9.   The musicality

10. The emotional components

11. The Tournament Performance

12. The Fitness 

13. The agility

14. The choreography



The idea behind the MyWay Latin Concept:


The private lesson package pursues the idea of targeted and result-oriented cooperation on a selected topic.

Through my many years of experience in dance sport and the supervision of numerous national and international 

As a successful couple, I know how to improve in a goal-oriented manner.


The general process:

You decide to take my work and book a 30-minute trial lesson. 

This is used for viewing and planning further training or the package content. 

Depending on your goals and my recommendations, a training plan will be defined and followed.



My themes:

My work includes topics that go far beyond the "normal" technical training  . 

Topics such as: partnering, musicality, performance/ personality, fitness/ flexibility and 

Coordination is taken into account in the "private lesson packages". 



The costs:

You can get the 30-minute meeting for a reduced fee of €30. 



Here are the conditions:


All package bookings must be taken within 2-3 months of scheduling.

A 60-minute private lesson costs the basic price of 100 euros 


In principle, small packages are placed on max.  2 or 3 appointments,

big on 3 and more.


The approach is to want to help, but also to be allowed to help. This is only possible with time together.

Packages help to be goal oriented and therefore efficient  .


Small package: 6-9 hours (within 1 month) 

Large package: 10-20 hours of time ( within 2 months ) 




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