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1. Pelvis-Leg-Footwork in Latin



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The usual practice in Latin American dances is that we get "steps" at the beginning and then fix them over time.


This approach is outdated today. In order to be able to achieve the performances later, one must have a foundation of techniques that will withstand all future high-performance movements.


Therefore, it is immensely important to be guided correctly and logically to our first movements.


The foot and leg work today is very similar to classical ballet. Therefore, it would be logical and sensible to record appropriate technical exercises and adapt them for Latin dancing.


The "long leg" practiced again and again is a beauty ideal, which we try to improve and beautify from the beginning. The length as such is certainly still the simplest approach. Breathing in it and the coordination of movement to the rest of the body, on the other hand, is a lot more extensive. 


My approach is to come up with my own plan for the development work, which can be used further. Similar to learning highly sensitive art forms such as playing the violin-piano, it is not enough   to understand the notes, to know the attacks, but the body must become one in order to be able to produce something outstanding._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


Exercises that I give up will be a tremendous help in my MLC to keep honing these subtleties.



1.   The basin

2.   The footwork

3.   The footwork



The approach and center is in the pelvis. If we understand how the pelvis can rotate, tilt and change, then we can also see the relationship to the thighs and, accordingly, to the feet. If you start the other way around, you will definitely get a wrong result.



1. The Pelvic Leg Footwork Package: (BBF)

( sample package )


In the lower dance level (dance sport D/C classes)   we need basic requirements for movements that correspond to a D/C class tournament.


We need longer than a few private lessons for high-quality movement, but there is a sensible design of exercises and stretches that would be important for basic training.


3 BBF lessons for foot and footwork in the dances - ChaCha, Rumba and Jive

2 BBF hours for exercises that should accompany the training for a lifetime, as well as stretching exercises.



The following requirements should be met for this package:


1. I have a permanent dance partner with whom I will take these lessons.

2. I go to dance training at least 2-3 times a week for about 1.5 hours or longer.

3. I already have basic knowledge of the dances ChaCha, Rumba and Jive or have been training together on these dances for a year

4. I am over 13 years old. 


In the event of exceptions to these requirements, an appointment for a meeting will be arranged in advance.

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