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Wer bin ich

“I am a dancer with passion, I am a teacher with passion, I am a person who loves the truth in live as on the dancefloor.


To be real is my goal and also my goal for my students. The natural and organic element in dance is my first asset as well as to bring the individual out.


The love towards the dance is the cherry on the top of the cake. 


- Martin Dihlmann

  • Vice-World Professional Latin Champion Showdance 1995+1998+1999 

  • Repeated European Professional Latin Championship Finalists 

  • German Professional Vice Champion 1994-2000

  • German Open Champion Showdance Latin 2000 

  • French Open Professional Latin Champion 1996

  • Malaysian Open Professional Latin Champion 1997

  • Holland Masters Professional Latin Champion 1997 

  • Repeated Professional Latin Finalists Grand Prix/Bercy Paris 1998,2000

  • Repeated Professional Latin Finalists World Masters in Innsbruck/Austria 

  • German Open Professional Latin Finalists of 1993-2000

  • 2002“Lifegarden” opening of an Entertainment Venue 

  • 2003 Opening of the dance sport academy “ART OF MOVEMENT-Dancesportacademy“ 

  • “Dancerella” 2004 – Showcase

  • "Chica Girl" 2005 - Showcase

  • Producer and Director of my dance company the “Lifegarden Dance Company“

  • Producer and Director of a Ballet-Latin-Fusion Project in Florence 2008 the so called "ART of movement dance project" with dancers all over the world.

  • Constantly teacher and coach of international Latin competitive dancer couples.

  • Producer of the 1st DVD "Latin Choreography & Beyond" with 20 groups and explanations of a modern and up to date Latin choreography. For teachers, coaches and all dance couples for their creative work.

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